In 2003, Andy left a career in advertising and marketing to start All Saints’ Association. His experience with a wide variety of companies in many different industries means he brings unique communications abilities, leadership and management skills and a commitment to help other liturgical worship churches grow and prosper by harnessing the experience at All Saints’ and making it available for church leaders all over the country.

Andy has spent virtually his entire career working in advertising agencies, both in the US and his homeland of England. He’s an accomplished communicator, creative marketer and leader with 30 years domestic and international experience..
He led a Los Angeles agency through a complete culture change and achieved record new business success. He took a regional agency owned by a major holding company to the group’s #1 position in profitability. He helped an international airline client increase US market share by 76% over five years, while winning every conceivable travel award.

“I never expected my business experience to be so relevant to my new positions at ASA and at All Saints’,” says Andy. “It’s not a huge leap to go from studying how sociological changes impact a brand to understanding how the health of the church can be materially affected by the prevailing culture. It’s essential that church leaders know not just how to survive, but to flourish, in that culture – just like the Acts 2 early church did.”

In addition to being president of ASA, Andy serves on the Communications Committee , has served as Senior Warden on the vestry and is a member of the All Saints’ Executive Committee.

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