About Me

My name is Jane, and I am a seeker. Sometimes I think I have found, but then, I always find some more. Religion and spirituality has always fascinated me. I used to be Catholic, and at 11 years old, actually called a convent to see what the admission age was. I was very disappointed when the nun on the phone said that one had to be at least 13 to join a convent. I guess they all had a good laugh over this at supper time. Still determined, I continued to be a faithful Catholic for the next few years. As I got older, I had questions. Why does a baby die? Why do people die in plane crashes? Why do some people have love when others are alone? My biggest dilemma was the thought that if we only have one life, and at the end of time we reclaim our bodies and live with God for eternity, what happens if we hate our bodies? What about those who died as babies, is that the body they keep for eternity? OH My…..so many questions. Not enough answers from my Church. The beginning of my Quest started believe it or not, when I was getting my house painted. I struck up a conversation with Jake the painter and we ended up talking about spirituality. Turns out that Jake the painter was a pretty informed guy. He gave me a list of books and authors to research, ranging from Carlos Castaneda, Jane Roberts, Einstein and even astronaut Edgar Mitchel to name a few. Thank you Jake, and by the way…if you need painting you should check him out Pro Painters Colorado Springs. Anyway, that is how this journey begins. I hope you check in with me and we can find out together how it ends.