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old-couple-finding-homeWelcome to All Saints Association, a website featuring a detailed description of various religions and their spiritual leaders and saints.  Our objective is to highlight any common elements found between the different sects, and to hopefully arrive at the conclusion that we as soul, are all perusing the same goal.  When my oldest daughter was around 4, she often pointed out different churches while we were driving by.  She would ask about them, and wondered why there were so many different kinds.  My answer to her was that they were all basically the same, but some called God by a different name.  Thirty years later, my answer hasn’t changed.  Extremists aside, the rest of us all want the same things.  Love, family, friends, happiness, self sufficiency and some kind of explanation of why we are here and where are we going when we die.

St. Frances of Assisi

Today I wanted to talk about St. Frances of Assisi, who is the patron saint of all animals.  It was recorded that he once gave a sermon to a flock of birds.  Hst-frances-of-assisie and his friend were walking when St. Frances noticed that birds began following him.  He stopped, and the birds stopped and it seemed to St. Frances that they were waiting in anticipation for him to do something.  Inspired by spirit, he began to talk to them.  Telling them about how they were bound to God, and how God gave them such lovely feathers, beautiful tall trees for their homes, abundance of food and the freedom to fly. While he spoke, the birds showed their appreciation by spreading their wings, opening their beaks and stretching their necks.  He taught them about Love.

I write about this because today I was thinking of my late mother who had an aviary.  It all started from a rescue bird that she nursed back to health, but who wasn’t ever well enough to go free.  Not wanting to contain it in a cage, she had a year round aviary professionally built in her yard.  The structure was protected from the seasons with a flat roof and glass walls, and a sliding glass door.  Since it was such a nice structure, my mother had the idea to become a rescuer of wild birds or any birds that needed a home.  At one point there were dozens of birds living harmoniously together in this sanctuary.  All the birds loved my mom.  I never got tired of watching her walk into the aviary and be greeted by so many birds.  She would hold out her arms, and they wound perch.  They even perched on her head!  During these times, I was always reminded of St. Frances of Assisi.  My mother taught these birds how to live together in harmony, she taught them love.

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Saint Patrick Official Saint of Ireland


Saints according to the Christian religion are considered as holy and sacred being that are supposedly chosen by God. To many, they are considered as the good people in the society that offer peace, comfort, and guidance to those that are helpless.

St. Patrick is considered as the patron saint of Ireland. He is believed to have introduced Christian religion in Ireland.  Many myths about St. Patrick have emerged after his death on his origin and how he led his life. So who exactly is St. Patrick?

Historical facts about St. Patrick

– He was born in Britain around AD 387 named Maewyn  Succat.  Much of his teenage life he lived as an atheist.

– Around the age of 16, he was taken captive by Irish marauders that attacked his village. He was later sold to his master a chief to work as a slave. It was during all these struggles that he developed a passion for the Christian religion

– From his letters, he narrates that on one night in his sleep he had a voice that compelled him to leave his master. He then made his way to the coast of Ireland on a ship and back home to his family.

– He joined the local monastery and stayed there for 12 years adopting his name Patrick, where he narrates in his letters that he had a calling to convert the atheists to Christians.

– He returned to Ireland after being appointed a bishop.

St. Patrick works

– After his return to Ireland St. Patrick devoted his life to promoting Christianity in this region that was dominated by atheists.

– He traveled through Ireland establishing churches, monastery, and schools throughout the island. It is from this institution that he taught people the way of Christ and over the years many atheists converted and even joined him in his mission.

– After he accomplished much of what he needed, he retired and died on March 17th AD461. It wasn’t until the 12 century when the canonization process was conducted.

– He was declared saint by acclamation and same was approved by local bishop soon after his death.

Saint Patrick’s Day was originally a Catholic holiday but over the years it has evolved into a secular holiday that is celebrated by many religions and even atheists.

Padre Pio

Padre PioSt. Padre Pio

On May 25, 1887, in the small Italian town of Pietrelcina, a child named Francesco Forgione was born.  His parents had no idea that this seemingly ordinary day, a future saint who would be known as Padre Pio.  At a young age Francesco had always shown a great interest in spirituality, being able to talk to his guardian angel as well as Jesus and the Virgin Mary.  At 15, he was admitted to a monastery, and was described as humble, silent and who loved to pray.  He was ordained into the priesthood at 23 years old, and he was well known for his really long masses, sometimes lasting several days.

He loved to pray for the souls in purgatory and encouraged everyone to pray so that Purgatory would empty. Saving the souls in purgatory was his strongest passion.  At 31 years old, he was the first stigmatized priest in the history of the church, and carried these wounds for the next 50 years.

Other spiritual gifts were bi location, (often seen walking in a nearby village at the same time as saying mass in his parish), could see angels, could speak and understand many languages without having studied them, and he could go long periods of time without food, drink or sleep.

Padre Pio died in 1968 while saying the Rosary.  He was considered a man of great prayer and suffering, detached from worldly possessions and comforts.  He lived a life of chastity and was responsible from returning thousands of people back to their faith.

Some of his miracles included healing face burns, he miraculously delivered letters to prisoners of war, gave contact information to parents of lost soldier, resuscitated a woman whom all thought was dead, blessed the trees and fields of a village that was destroyed by caterpillars and they had the best harvest ever, commanded the birds in a garden to keep silent because they were annoying him, made all firing squad shotguns misfire 2x thereby saving the condemned man’s life, helped get person to an important meeting by making his motorcycle run on no gas, healed many sick people from various ailments including blindness.

Padre Pio became a saint May 2, 1999


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St. Joan of Arc

jeanne-darc-1674356_640I have always wondered at how a young girl became the leader of a French army who ended up winning a battle against the English at Orleans.

Saint Joan of Arc was born in 1412, right in the middle of the Hundred Years War between France and England about who would be heir to the French Throne because Northern France was considered a lawless frontier with many different armies just running around.  She was born to a poor family and was taught piety and domestic skills from her mother.  She took care of animals and became a seamstress.

Over time, Joan of Arc began to have visions.  Saints such as St. Michael and St. Catherine began visiting her, encouraging her to lead a pious life.  Eventually, they told her that she was destined be the savior of France and she had to get an audience with Charles who was heir to the French throne.  She was instructed to ask his permission to remove the English and place him as the rightful King.

Well you can imagine Charles’ reaction at first.  However, Joan won him over when she identified him in a crowd of court members dressed in disguise.  She had private talks with him and recited a prayer Charles made to God to save France.  Still unsure, Charles had her examined by his clergymen who reported that there was nothing improper with her.  She was pious, chaste and humble.

Charles gave this 17 year old girl armor, a horse and let her join the army to Orleans where there was an English siege. After 2 months of battle, a wounded Joan led her army to systematic demolition of the enemy which resulted in an inevitable victory and Charles was crowned Charles VII with Joan at his side.

King Charles VII later sent Joan to lead another battle where she was thrown off her horse and taken prisoner by the Burgundians, who later sold her to the English. Charles VII made no attempt to save her.  Joan was tried as a heretic, charged with witchcraft, heresy and dressing like a man.  During her public trial, she was mercilessly interrogated while all the while maintaining her innocence and remaining humble and calm.  Eventually, since they couldn’t break her, they charged her with wearing men’s clothes which was her military uniform.  Found guilty of heresy, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in front of 10,000 people at the age of 19 on May 30, 1431.

Twenty years later, King Charles VII had another trial and declared her innocent of all charges and made her a martyr.  She was canonized as the patron saint of France in 1920.


I had a very interesting day today looking for similarities between great religious leaders. Here is a chart


I often wondered if Jesus was the only spiritual leader that was born from a virgin.  It was interesting to me to find that he was not.  As you can see from the chart, history seems to repeat itself.  This to me, aligns with my theory that we are all on the same track.  Seeking the same goal, only calling it by different names.  These great spiritual leaders all had the same message for humanity.  Love.  That is what they taught, that is all there is.  Much of this information came from a very interesting site.

The Religious Symbols at the Top of the Page

Just in case you were wondering, here is a list of the symbols at the top of the page and their meaning.
(from Left to Right)
1. Christianity – Cross – represents the death of Jesus.
2. Hindu – OM or AUM – symbol of the 3 major Hindu gods.
3. Taoist – Yin Yang – represents perfect balance and harmony.
4. Judaic – Star of David – the shape of King David’s shield.